"That couple is gold as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve felt that way since the very beginning." - Mark Schwahn

Though she is but little, she is fierce


Never let this cruel world steal your spark


Truths About You


"Peyton and I used to build snow forts. We’d sit inside and worry about what our worlds were gonna be like. It’s like we’d hide from it all. But I think if we could have seen what our lives were gonna be, we wouldn’t have believed it… How lucky we’d be. How lucky we are. All of us." - Brooke Davis

Something to believe in

Peyton Sawyer 1x02, quote

I'll Be There

Once upon a hill

"Listening to a gorgeous voice.. She used to call me Sam once upon a hill. #oth" - Ashley Rickards about Bethany Joy Lenz

Always so wonderful

To make it better

Peyton Sawyer 2x05

The Worst Day Since Yesterday

Lucas Scott 3x08

That's life

Peyton & Haley 2x05

She got it right

Peyton Sawyer, quote 5x01

You should

"I just think we tear each other down enough. You know sometimes you should tell people the things you love about them, like something there really great at or quality they have." - Mia Catalano

It's impossible not to love them

Robert & Shantel

Looking all good

Joy with Rob & Paul ♥

Prove it

"I believe a person should have the opportunity to prove that they've changed." - Haley James Scott

Everything can happen

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